Deveron District Age Concern is managed by a voluntary committee. Our Shop Manager is the only paid employee by the committee and manages the daily running of the shop, signposting and information services, assisted by over 20 volunteers. As a registered charity we are administered by our Trustees who attend our management committee meetings.

Committee Trustees
  • Shona Sopel (Chair)
  • Alun Dyson (Treasurer)
  • Penny Lindsay
  • Kathleen Muskett
  • Judith Maison
  • Angela Mair

Committee Members
  • Brenda Clark
  • Christine Dewar
  • Heather Ritchie
  • Irene Brebner
  • Fiona Reid

Vacant Positions
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary

Please use our online contact form for any queries regarding the committee or if you are interested in becoming a member.

For all other queries, our shop contact details can be found at the bottom of any page alongside our shop opening times.